Are you Looking for Madrasah Board Alim exam Routine 2020? Then you are come on the right site. Will you know when Alim Routine 2020 will be published through Board Website? How to download the Alim routine and if the Board of Education changes the routine later, all the information with the Alim Modified Routine.

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Madrasah Board Alim Exam R0uine 2020

Madrasa Board Alim Examination Routine 2020 has been published – see details
Alim Exam 2020 – Under the Madrasa Education Board, the 2020 alim exam routine has been published on the Education Board’s website. According to the published routine, the Alim examinations will begin on April 1, 2020. The Alim test will start on Wednesday, April 1st and end on 4/5/2020 and then the practical examination will start on May 5 and end on May 13.

Alim Routine 2020 – Madrasah Board

Alim Routine 2020 – Published by Madrasah Board. So for those who are looking forward to the Alim Routine 2020, here are the details of the routine published on the Education Board website. If any student or guardian benefits from our efforts, then we will be good. Now, look at the significant portion of the Alim routine below.
  • Alim Routine Publication – Madrasah Education Board website
  • See the alim exam routine 2020
  • Written Examination Starts – 1/4/2020
  • The first test – the Quran Mazid
  • Written Examination End- 4/5/2020
  • Last Exam – Higher Mathematics 2nd part
  • Practical Examination Starts – 5/5/2020
  • Practical Examination – 13/5/2020
  • Result of Alim Examination 2020 release – July 2020

See Alim Exam Result From Here – Madrasa Board Alim Exam Result 2020

Alim Exam Schedule 2020 – Image file

Alim Exam Routine 2020
Alim Routine 2020

Alim Test Routes PDF – How to download?

If you want to download the Alim Test Routine PDF 2020 from the download link below.

If you are an alim exam then this routine is a really useful file for you. So download it and keep it to yourself and share the post and make it available for all to see. You can get a PDF file of your test routine by clicking the download link below. Check out the download procedure below –


Click the Download button
Click on the download option at the top right
Your PDF file will be downloaded automatically


Alim Exam Routine 2020 PDF Download [/ button]

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