Bangladesh Bank 97th prize bond draw result 100 – 2020

Bangladesh Bank published the 98 th prize bond result 2020, 1st prize winner number is-

On October 31, 2019, the Bangladesh Bank has published 97th prize bond draw result 2019 in the official website In the initiative of Bangladesh Bank, the Prize Bond Draw 2019 program held in the Dhaka Commissioner’s conference room. After that, the prize bond draw, the result published on the Bangladesh Bank’s website 97st Prize bond draw’s 1st prize of 6 lakh taka owned number is 0349364 of the 53 series of this lottery number 2nd prize of 3 lakh 25 thousand taka owned number is 0396932 of the 53 series of this lottery number. Apart from this, the details of prize bond result 2019 can be found on our website

Apart from the National Savings Directorate’s website, you can also see and download the Lottery Draw Result 2019.

Bangladesh Bank 96th prize bond draw result 2019


Prize bond prizes for the total 53 series were declared equally. A total of two thousand four hundred and thirty-eight financial awards were announced in 53 series where each series was 46 prize. This draw is run as the same number for each series in the general way, for each series. Starting from “কক, কখ, কগ, কঘ, কঙ, কচ, কছ, কজ, কঝ, কঞ, কট, কঠ, কড, কঢ, কথ, কদ, কন, কপ, কফ, কব, কম, কল, কশ, কষ, কস, কহ, খক, খখ, খগ, খঘ, খঙ, খচ, খছ, খজ, খঝ, খঞ, খট, খঠ, খড, খঢ, খথ, খদ, খন, খপ, খফ, খব, খম, খল, খশ, খষ, খস, খহ, গক—include the draw” in 53 series of 100 Taka prize bond number was included in this draw.


97th Prize bond Draw Result 2019

আমাদের ফেসবুক পেজে লাইক দিন ইউটিউব চ্যানেল সাবস্ক্রাইব করুন

List of 1st to 5th prize: bd prize bond draw

1st prize (Total 53 Prize) : Tk 6 lakh – 1 prize for each series

2nd prize (Total 53 Prize) : 3 lakhs and 25 thousand taka – 1 prize for each series

3rd prize (Total 106 Prize): One lakh taka – 2 prize for each series

4th prize (Total 106 Prize) : 50 thousand taka – 2 prize for each series

5th prize (Total 2320 Prize): 10 thousand taka – 40 Prize for each series

Total 2438 (two thousand four hundred thirty-eight) Prize Bond Rewords

46 Rewords for each series


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What is the prize bond?

To increase the tendency of saving money, the National Savings Division announced a prize bond called “Bangladesh prize bond” in 1972. It’s also called a lottery bond. Any person can buy as many lottery tickets as they wish. This lottery ticket is not a lottery ticket for the other lottery like Jodi Liga jay. And anyone can easily exchange money at any time by his ticket. You can also buy prize bonds from Bangladesh Bank, Commercial Bank and Post Office and sell it if you like.

The results of Bangladesh Bank Prizebond draws are held every year on January 31, 30th April, 30th July, and 31st October. Each series has 1million prize bonds and there are a total of 53 series. If a number of a series win prize money, then the same number of each series will get those rewards.

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How to Check PrizeBond Lottery Draw Result by online

প্রাইজ বন্ড রেজাল্ট - Bangladesh Bank PrizeBond Lottery Draw Result

Check the 96th PrizeBond Lottery Draw Result From Here

bangladesh bank prize bond result

প্রথম পুরস্কার  6,00,000/= 0617898
দ্বিতীয় পুরস্কার  3,25,000/= 0417722
তৃতীয় পুরস্কার 1,00,000/=
0176832 0781796
চতুর্থ পুরস্কার – 50,000/=
0109153 0901014

৫ম পুরস্কার 10,000/=

0013308 0250897 0424035 0619201 0753495
0013807 0256880 0483623 0630459 0773141
0027029 0278120 0501729 0644376 0871006
0057882 0292235 0508074 0701091 0875372
0076883 0352529 0567060 0701307 0893185
0139833 0369607 0569165 0708143 0908309
0186484 0399925 0578374 0712495 0917649
0190730 0418553 0592788 0730421 0925909


Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond Draw 2019 – 94th Prize Bond Draw Result BD
1st Prize 1 Prize for Every Series 600000 Taka 609454
2nd Prize 1 Prize for Every Series 325000 Taka 82870
3rd Prize 2 Prize for Every Series 100000 Taka 176392 777127
4th Prize 2 Prize for Every Series 50000 Taka 327261 401044
40 Prize for Every Series – 10000 Taka
5th Prize 55351 224050 407254 602549 849708
106515 245470 414226 609268 920311
155117 303194 471752 717968 953587
167426 314996 480738 731632 955412
186327 346844 530035 744527 957202
188676 351078 531956 757768 972975
202501 355550 548363 760091 994537
204520 358733 572430 844844 998999

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How to collect rewards money – prize bond draw result 100

If you are a fortune winner of a lottery winner, you will have to inform the bank and the bank will give you a form. After completing the form, you get the reward money within 2 months. But the government will have to pay 20% tax on your reward money.

The History of Prize Bond

In 1956 Priyomand was first introduced in Ireland. In Bangladesh, the first prize bond of Tk 10 and 50 was introduced in 1974. After the launch of prize Bond of Tk 100 in 1995, the valuation of 10 and 50 Takas was withdrawn.

The Draw of prize bond of Tk 100 is held four times a year: 31 January, 30 April, 31 July, and 31 October. A committee comprising the chairman of the Dhaka Divisional Commissioner is conducting the draw ceremony. But after two months of purchase, the prize comes under the drawer.

The award money can be claimed for two years of the draw ceremony. If anyone does not claim it, then the money of the reward will be returned to the government treasury.

After winning the application, in the prescribed form with the original bond, the pay order is given to the winner within two months. But a tax on the prize money is 20 percent deducted by government.

By selling prizebond, the government directly receives loans from the public. In India and Pakistan there are eight types of prize bond worth 100 to 40 thousand rupees, but for 20 years in Bangladesh, there are only 100 takas worth prize money.
There are 44 million pieces of pricebond in the country and the Bangladesh Bank has done all the work beyond of Government of Bangladesh.

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