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38th BCS written exam result 2019. The last 38th BCS exam was held on 29 December 2017. 38th BCS A record number of 3 lakh 89 thousand 468 candidates applied in the examination and 3.50 lakh candidates participated in the 38th BCS which was till now the record of the highest number of candidates participating in the BCS exam. The 38th BCS Preliminary Result was published of the 28th February 2018. In the 38th BCS Preliminary Exam, 16,866 candidates passed the BCS who will be able to take part in the 38th BCS written exam. The written exam was held in September 2018. After the announcement of the BPSC authorities, the 38 BCS written result published in the month of April 2019. Only who can take part in the written examination only those who have passed the MCQ exam. Of course, the 38th BCS written exam participants are waiting for the BPSC BCS Result 2019. Their work is now just to be read and wait for the 38th BCS written test circular. We will be informed here after the publication of the 38th BCS written exam Result in www.bpsc.gov.bd.

38th BCS written exam result 2019

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39th BCS Result 2019

According to the Public Service Commission (PSC), the final results of 39th Special BCS for doctors will be published this month. But it is not mentioned when it may be. There is a high probability of publishing 39th BCS result by April 20, 2019.

Chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC) Mohammad Sadiq said that hopefully, we will be able to publish the 39th Special BCS Exam Result 2019 by April. In this special BCS 4,442, assistant surgeons and 250 assistant dental surgeons will be appointed.

39th Special BCS is organized for the Doctors. The 39th Preliminary Result of Special BCS was published on September 06 last year. After this the verdict of the BCS oral examinations ended on March 7. Now PSC will give final results.

PSC sources said, in the Preliminary Examination of 39th Special BCS, 13,219 candidates for Assistant Surgeon and 513 candidates for Assistant Dental Surgeon passed. Passed candidates have given oral examinations for final appointment. On August 3 last year, the 39th BCS Preliminary Exam was held. This special BCS examination was held at 32 centers in the capital. It took about 37 thousand 583 jobs per year. The attendance rate was 93 percent.

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40th BCS Preli exam result 2019

40th BCS preliminary Exam will be held on 3th May 2019. A record Number of 4 lack candidate will be seat to fight for more then 2000 1st class govt job. after held on the 40th BCS preliminary Exam. 40th BCS preliminary Result will be published with 10th May 2019. So regularly visit our website for your 40 BCS preli Result 2019.

4 lakh 12 thousand 532 candidates applied in the 40th BCS. This is a record number of candidates apply in the PSC.

On September 11 last year, the PSC published the 40th BCS circular. 40th BCS application is started from September 30. A total of 1,903 cadres will be appointed in this BCS. But this number may increase further. According to the cadre, 200 people in administration, 72 in police, 25 in the forein afferes, 24 in tax, 32 people in customs and 800 cadres of education cadre.

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BCS Result 2019

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